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    In the absence of physical interaction, brands need inspiring and helpful content to deliver superior experiences for customers shopping online. Give your customer the much needed simple yet wide range of consumer products so that they can buy from their mobiles, tabs, computer or even kiosk – be present all over.

    Stay One Step Ahead With Essential Consumer Goods Ecommerce Features

    Global brand manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are strengthening their digital presence through robust product content. We help our clients to deliver an outstanding shopping experiences to their customers by focusing on quality and details for their product pages through the right combination of technology and knowledge. We make sure that your brand stands unique in the line of commoners by providing the perfect link of features and our below-listed features will help in building your brand.

    Multi-channel Integration

    Manage everything with a seamless flow of information across the channel. Receive online order from any device like mobile, desktop or through POS.

    Subscription & Auto-Delivery

    FMCG products are always on demand. In just a click, we offer features for reorder and subscription of orders.

    Partial Payment

    If a customer is not able to pay full order value then our solution accepts partial payments by the customer and the remaining amount can be paid later.

    Click & Collect

    With an alternate delivery model, customer can walk into their nearest centre to collect the product at a convenient time. This also reduces customer returns.

    Lead Time & Delivery Timeslots

    On-time delivery is one of the main concerns for FMCG store. We add the feature of predefined time slot based delivery option making it easy for the customer as well as for store owner.

    Price Levels & Volume Discounts

    Algorithm embedded which suggests users add more items to get higher discounts. This can encourage your customers to purchase more items from your store.

    Smart Packs and Tailored Deals

    With our build-in tools and partners, you can create a smart product combo and customer-specific offers and promotions.

    Optimal Navigation & Browsing ease

    Simple purchase flow, saved payment cards and easy navigation can help your customer know exactly where to go and what to buy.

    Holiday Gifts & Discount Microsite

    Communicate with your customer about a special discount product by using the separate promotional page of a website which has its URL.

    Magento – Not just a platform, but a tool for eCommerce success

    Create an all-round web and digital experience for your business

    Magento is an ultimate choice for building eCommerce sites and it has been used by more than 240,000 merchants globally. The first step towards creating an online store is choosing Magento. Magento offers a variety of functionalities and features to the developers which they can use to build eCommerce stores with global reach. Feature-laden functionalities, visually appealing interface and search engine-friendly websites are what make Magento unique.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You need to provide server and domain credentials to build your consumer & goods eCommerce store. You need to provide the details of products in CSV format if you face some issues with updating the products on the catalogue.

    Your consumer & goods eCommerce store needs a secure server with high performance as it will run 24*7 to provide your customer seamless shopping experience.

    Yes, we have created plenty of consumer & goods eCommerce stores around the global.

    Your consumer & goods eCommerce store will be up and running non-stop and for that, we do all the necessary installations & make things compatible with one another. This will make things easier for you as you can smoothly add products like apparel, clothing, accessories and much more.

    Of course, yes! We provide one-year after purchase support for all our products. You can contact us through email, phone or skype and our expert assistance will be there to help you. If you need in-depth support and analysis then you may get special support from us by paying an additional fee.

    We support more than 21 Indian payment gateway integrations to your consumer & goods eCommerce store and some of the standard payment provides like PayPal, Authorize.Net, EBS, Beanstream, etc. We recommend you to use PayPal if it is your very first consumer & goods online website.

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