We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Salesforce.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Salesforce.



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    • It begins by analyzing the existing needs and objectives of the business which the Salesforce solution is supposed to support.
    • We start by looking for ways in which Salesforce can help you achieve your business goals through effective integrations and customizations.
    • We come up with implementation plan right within the budget and set deadline.


    • To match your business needs, we here customize your Salesforce solution based on its complexity and cost.
    • Customizations can be made on smaller scale or a completely personalized solution can be developed from scratch to fit in with the business requirement.


    • Just like customization, configuring Salesforce is another way of making it fit in with the existing solution of the client.
    • The default capabilities of Salesforce are modified during the configuration process so that clearly meets the business requirements.


    • We here carry out Salesforce integrations for your business solution so that it works smoothly with all the third-party systems that you have including eCommerce platforms, ERP, document management systems.
    • We also offer better visibility to data flows over all the integrated applications.

    Data migration from old CRM system

    • Our team will move all your data from the old CRM system into your new Salesforce solution.
    • Throughout the process our team will ensure your business solution face no downtime, data loss, corruption or have any kind of negative influence on business processes.
    • We also come up with data structuring rules to confirm data quality after migration.

    Training users

    • We understand that it is important for your business to use the implemented Salesforce solution to its maximum capability and boost productivity in the process.
    • To make that happen we here offer Salesforce training that helps in increasing user adoption.
    • This way users will be able to use the Salesforce solution to its maximum capability.


    Once the custom Salesforce solution has been developed and tested well by the QA team then it is time for us to launch the solution for our client.

    After support

    • Here we offer on-demand support services to the Salesforce solution post its launch.
    • Here we will fine tune your Salesforce solution so as to boost its user adoption.

    Why Sforce Consultancy?

  • Expertise in delivering end-to-end Salesforce services
  • Industry expertise
  • Certified Salesforce experts
  • Extensive portfolio
  • 400+ Salesforce implementations
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